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Projects | Setup

Within the Project Setup, the scope is set for project publishes. Publishing a project will bring the entire project live, generating a customizer website and a Javascript URL for a selection of products.

Project Setup

Setting the order flow

Order flows automate the processing of incoming orders linked to a project, incorporating features like automated emailing and API integrations with external third-party MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), among others. Detailed instructions on creating custom order flows can be found in Orders | Order flows.

When a new project is created, it automatically adopts the default Twikit order flow. This order flow allows automatic generation of production files for orders, as configured within the Graph Editor.

To change the project order flow to a different one, simply use the SWITCH button.

Switching the order flow

Adding products

Add products to your project by clicking the + icon. In the 'Add Product' pop-up, choose from various products available on the platform.

Adding a product

Enabling or disabling products

Control whether a product is included in the next publish with the enable/disable toggle. This is useful for products still in development or not ready for release.

Enabling or disabling a product

Deleting products

Remove a product from a project using DELETE PRODUCT in the project context menu .... This action only affects the project's scope; the product remains available on the platform and can be re-added later.

Deleting a product

Select the product release version

Each product has different release versions, as configured in Products Setup (Products | Setup). Update the release version for your product by selecting UPDATE RELEASE VERSION in the product context menu.

Updating the product release version

Updating the product release version

Publishing a project

Publish your project with the PUBLISH button, which creates a unique customizer website and JavaScript URL. Each new publish updates the customizer website and Javascript URL with the latest versions.

Publishing a project

Customizer website

The customizer website serves as a live platform, displaying all products included in the project's scope.

Website access

Visit the live customizer website via the redirect icon.

Redirecting to the customizer website

Product orders

Visitors can configure and order products on the live customizer website. Further details on order management are available in the Orders section Orders.

Product configuration and ordering

UI theming

Customize the website's UI, including fonts, logos, and color schemes, viaCHANGE THEME in the project context menu ....

Changing theme

Theme settings

Javascript URL

Each publish generates a JavaScript URL, allowing integration of the project with existing websites or e-commerce platforms. For more integration details, see the 'Development' section Development.

Redirecting to the Javascript URL

Javascript URL

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