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Product setup section

The Product setup facilitates the definition of specific product features and the corresponding customization experience.

Product setup

Edit product

Modify product parameters and establish customization pathways using the Graph Editor, accessible through EDIT PRODUCT. For more details on utilizing the Graph Editor, please visit the Products | Graph editor page.

Graph editor

Navigate the Graph Editor's interface to establish connections between the different customization options and determine the manufacturing output based on customer choices.


Before finalizing, review and ensure the product's appearance and functionality match your expectations.

  1. Preview: Witness the customization experience through the eyes of the customer. Make sure everything functions as intended.

  2. Download export data: Extract configuration data to test run manufacturing processes.

Product preview


Make your customized product publicly available. The release procedure involves:

  1. Product Validation: Confirm all product customization pathways function correctly.

  2. Product Publishing: Finalize the product setup to make it publicly available. More on the publishing process can be found at Projects.

Release your product

Release History

Whenever updates occur, the Graph Editor retains a version. You can specify the nature of the release:

  • Major: Introduces significant changes, like entirely new features.

  • Minor: Implements subtle alterations such as the addition of options within an existing feature.

  • Patch: Addresses minor updates, fixes, or refinements.

For a detailed look into each product version, refer to the Release History. Each entry is expandable to reveal comprehensive release notes.

Release history

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