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Orders | Order flows

The Order flow dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all order flows set within the platform. Order flows streamline the management of incoming orders associated with a project such as:

  • Automated emailing

  • API connections with external third-party Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

  • Production data transfers

  • Other workflows

In the Project Setup (Projects | Setup), users can assign available order workflows to a designated project.

Order flow overview

Creating a new order flow

New order flows can be initiated using the NEW FLOW button. Each flow must be named upon creation. A JSON editor is provided to configure a customized workflow for managing incoming orders.

More information on how to configure your order flow in the JSON editor can be found on Order flows | Order flow set-up.

Creating a new order flow

Managing existing order flows

Existing order flows can be modified by accessing the context menu ... of a specific order flow.

Editing order flow details

Existing order flows can be modified by using the EDIT DETAILS option. Selecting this option opens the JSON editor for the chosen order workflow.

Editing order flows

Deleting order flows

Existing order flows can be deleted by using the DELETE option.

Deleting order flows

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