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Resources | Resource management


Resource management facilitates the organization and handling of product assets, including CAD data, textures and materials, vital for setting up product customizers. The Resource management module is accessible via the left menu in the Graph Editor.

Accessing Resource management

Resource dashboard

The Resource management dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the resources created across all products on the TwikBot 5 platform. The dashboard is structured with three columns - Resource Name, Resource Type, and Date Added - to facilitate efficient resource management.

Resource management dashboard

By selecting the view option at the top right of the dashboard, existing resources can be displayed in either a list or grid view.

Switching between list and grid view

Creating new resources

New resources can be uploaded using the + button. Users are provided with two choices: creating a new resource or a new material.

Creating a new resource or new material

New resource

When creating a new resource, an 'Upload Resource' pop-up will appear. You have the option to either drag a resource file into the designated area or select a file manually. Further details on compatible resource file types are available in the Resources | Supported file types section.

Creating a new resource

New material

When creating a new material, a ‘Create Material’ pop-up will appear, allowing users to define various material characteristics such as:

  • Color grade

  • Metalness, roughness and opacity level

  • Bump, normal, and roughness maps

  • Among others

Creating a new material

Managing existing resources

Editing existing resources

Modifications to existing resources can be made by accessing the EDIT option in the context menu ... in the Resource management dashboard. Alternatively, simply click the pen tool icon in the resource node to access the edit mode.


Editing a resource

Deleting existing resources

Existing resources can be deleted by selecting the DELETE option in the context menu ....

Editing or deleting existing resources

Downloading existing resources

To download files attached to an existing resource, simply click on the download icon.


Downloading existing resources

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