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The Projects section provides a comprehensive overview of all projects created on the TwikBot 5 platform. Each project is essentially a customization package, encompassing one or more product customizers that can be deployed live.

Projects can vary in their scope and focus, covering areas such as:

  • Different target markets (e.g., geographical regions)

  • Product families

  • Specific webstores

  • Other categories

For detailed workflow and publishing procedures, refer to Projects | Setup.

Projects page

Creating new projects

To initiate a new project, select the NEW PROJECT option. You will be prompted to provide a product title and description. After creating a new project, you will proceed to the Project setup phase (Projects | Setup).

Creating a new project

Managing existing projects

Existing projects are accessible by selecting them from the Projects page. Each project may be in one of the following three statuses:


The project is yet to be published and is not live.


The project is in the process of being published and is about to go live.


The project is currently live.

Within each project, three main actions are available through the context menu: CUSTOMIZER WEBSITE, EDIT DETAILS and DELETE.

Project context menu

Customizer website

Navigate to the live customizer website specific to the project.

Customizer website

Editing project details

Modify the project's name and description.

Editing project details

Deleting projects

Remove the project and all associated data.

Deleting a project

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