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Twikbot 5 v1.3.0 Release notes

Release date: 15/05/2024

What’s new?

We are excited to announce TB5 v1.3.0, featuring a range of new platform functionalities. This update enriches the graph editor by integrating GLTF file support and advanced physically-based rendering properties, taking your product setup and visualization to the next level. Additionally, we have optimized order management with the introduction of highly requested features such as PDF export capabilities and the option to assign external IDs to orders. These improvements aim to streamline your processes and boost efficiency across your projects.

Highlights of Version 1.3.0


Graph editor

  • GLTF and GLB file support: The graph editor now supports GLTF and GLB file format for resources, speeding up the set-up of 3D product configurators.

  • Advanced material resource options: Mesh Physical Material has been added as an extension of Mesh Standard Material, allowing users to add:

    • Alpha maps

    • Clearcoat maps

    • Clearcoat normal maps

    • Clearcoat roughness maps

    • Displacement maps

    • Metalness maps

  • Camera settings and tools: New camera settings for enhanced visual effects are integrated including:

    • Tweening (Smooth motion)

    • Updated SAO (Scalable Ambient Occlusion)

    • SSR (Screen Space Reflection)

    • FXAA (Fast approximate anti-aliasing)

    • A new FPS widget tool has been added to assist developers in monitoring frame rates during scene rendering.


Order data

  • PDF export: Users are now allowed to export orders as PDF documents. This new functionality captures all relevant details of an order, providing a comprehensive and sharable document.

  • External Order ID: An "External Id" field has been added to orders, allowing platform users to assign custom IDs for better order tracking and identification.

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