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Twikbot 5 v1.2.0 Release notes

Release date: 27/03/2024

What’s new?

We're excited to share the latest advancements in TwikBot 5 with the release of Version 1.2.0. This update brings a suite of new functionalities focused on enhancing resource management and providing flexible order flow configurations, all designed to streamline your workflow and broaden the platform's capabilities.

Highlights of Version 1.2.0


Graph editor

  • Downloadable resource files: Simplify your resource handling with the ability to download existing resource files directly from the Resource Management section. This feature allows for effortless reuse and management of digital assets, enhancing efficiency.

  • Support for larger resource files: We have increased the file size limit in the Graph Editor, now accommodating resource files up to 100MB. This enhancement enables the incorporation of richer and more complex resources into your projects, pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality.

  • Image parameter feature: Introducing the Image Parameter feature accessible as a modifier in the Graph Editor. The Image Parameter allows end-users to upload custom images directly through the front-end customizer. This functionality is ideal for applying personalized logos, artworks, and other 2D imagery to your product templates, offering a truly customized product experience.


Order flows

  • Configurable order flows: TwikBot 5 v1.2.0 empowers users with the ability to tailor their order management processes. With the new configurable order flows, you can create, edit, and delete order flows, linking them seamlessly to your projects. This configuration ensures that the order process aligns perfectly with the specific requirements of your business and projects.

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