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Twikbot 5 v1.1.0 Release notes

Release date: 19/02/2024

What’s new?

In our latest update TB5 v1.1.0, we’ve introduced a series of platform enhancements, bringing new features to the platform and further improve its overall stability.

Highlights of Version 1.1.0


Product management

  • Product preview: Users can now download export data in product preview mode.

Graph editor

  • Resource file indication: It's now clear which resource files are attached to a resource.

  • Edit resources: Resources can now be edited directly within the graph by simply clicking on the pen tool icon in the node.

  • New font feature: The font resource module now includes a “Characters to import” field, improving font management.

  • Supported resource file types: In resource management, users can now redirect to the public documentation to look up supported file types.

  • Shapewizard modifier: The Shapewizard modifier is now supported in TwikBot 5. This enhancement introduces a drawing feature to your product template, enabling a more interactive and personalized product customization experience.


Project management

  • Project status update: A project's status will revert to draft when a product is removed, providing better project management flexibility.

  • Enhanced user interface: "Delete product" is updated to "Remove product," ensuring clarity and precision in our platform's wording.

  • Improved product management: We've disabled the ability to add a non-released product to a project.

Standalone customizer

  • Enhanced user control: We've disabled the enter command triggering an order in a live customizer.


Order flows

  • Order flow update: A CO-AM order flow template is added to the platform. This order flow allows the setup of a seamless connection with CO-AM, enabling efficient order and manufacturing follow-up. (

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