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Settings | Camera stands

Camera Stands for screenshots




Gives the camera stand a name. This can be used to link a camera stand to a specific parameter. This is useful if you want to give extra attention to a certain part of the object that relates to a visible part of the product which the user is customizing.

+ Add new Stand

Create a new Camera stand.

Pitch/Yaw/Zoom Distance

Pitch: This setting adjusts the camera's upward or downward tilt.

Yaw: This value manages the camera's left-to-right tilt.

Zoom Distance: This controls the distance between the camera and its focus point.

Duration (in ms)

This value specifies the speed at which the camera eases from its current position to a new one.

Active on save configuration

Enabling this setting triggers a preview image after a configuration is saved. Alternatively, the default camera position is used.

Note: When using multiple camera stands, it is recommended to enable this setting on only one of them.

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