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The Graph editor is TwikBot's core application to set up the blueprint for product customization. Through a node-based interface, parametric products can be created, modified, and released. Starting from raw product resources like meshes, textures, and materials, the scope for product customization is set.

While using the Graph editor, having a foundational understanding of CAD software is beneficial.

Graph editor

Key features

πŸ” Secured data: A secure platform to create, refine, and deploy product customizers.

πŸ”— Node-based Design: Design and fine-tune product customizers using an intuitive node-based interface.

🌐 Real-time Visualization: Experience live product customizers directly within a web browser.

πŸ“‹ Resource Management: Organize and manage vital product assets, including CAD data, textures, and materials.

πŸŽ₯ 3D Environment Control: Adjust and control your 3D scene settings like camera angles and lighting.

♾️ CAD Software Integration: Seamlessly interface with established CAD software like Rhino Grasshopper.

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