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Navigation menu

The navigation menu serves as a central point to access the platform's main modules. It is designed to offer a seamless transition between different sections and to adapt to various workspace requirements.

The navigation menu primarily allows users to access three key modules:

  • PRODUCTS: Where users can view and manage their product offerings.

  • PROJECTS: Dedicated space for users to manage their ongoing projects.

  • ORDERS: A section to handle customer orders and related processes.

    • OVERVIEW: A section with an overview of all your customer orders.

    • FLOWS: A section to handle the work flow of an incoming order.

The Navigation Menu showcasing the Products module.

To provide a flexible workspace, users can adjust the navigation menu's visibility:

  • Click on the icon (located at the top) to toggle between the expanded and collapsed states.

  • In its collapsed state, the menu narrows, displaying only the module icons for a wider workspace.

The collapsed state of the Navigation Menu.

Situated at the bottom of the navigation menu, the account section offers personalization settings and platform-related information:

  • LOGOUT: Safely end the current session and exit the platform.

  • PRIVACY POLICY: Detailed guidelines on how user data is managed and protected.

  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The governing rules and regulations for using the platform.

The Account section with the options highlighted.

  • Always ensure to log out after completing your tasks for enhanced security.

  • Read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to understand your rights and responsibilities on the platform.

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